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Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Lethbridge Home

Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Lethbridge Home

Choosing  an Agent to Sell your Lethbridge Home

 Choosing an agent to Sell your Lethbridge HomeIf you are thinking of selling your Lethbridge home, you may wonder how to choose an agent.  Here are some points to consider:

 1-      Ask your family and friends.  Do they have anyone they can recommend?  If you cannot find a good recommendation 1st hand you can also look for real estate Testimonials online. (Check out the real estate Websites).

2-      Interview a few agents.   Be sure to ask your potential agent about their marketing plan.  Ask for specific examples of how the home will be marketed.

We’ve found that one of the things that frustrates people the most when selling their home is the lack of communication from their real estate agent.  Worse than no showings, is when you don’t get feedback, or if a real estate agent is hard to get in touch with. You should ask the real estate agent you are interviewing about communication.

 Any real estate agent you consider, should offer you a complimentary home evaluation and consultation.  This way, you can evaluate if you and your real estate agent share the same vision, and if you would make a good team. 

 If you are looking to sell your Lethbridge area home, and would like a complimentary home evaluation or consultation, please feel free to contact us, or fill out our Lethbridge Home Evaluation form. 


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