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Moving Checklist for Lethbridge Alberta

Moving Checklist for Lethbridge Alberta

moving checklistCongratulations, you have bought a home or condo in Lethbridge, Alberta.  There are a few things you need to do before you move in or take possession.

Once the deal is done, and conditions have been removed, you likely have a month or more before you move into your new Lethbridge, Alberta home. What is there still that needs to be done?

Moving Checklist for Lethbridge Alberta.

  1. Make an appointment with your lawyer. Once the deal is final, the papers will be sent to your lawyer. You should give them a call to make an appointment. If you have not chosen a lawyer already, here is a list of real estate lawyers in Lethbridge and area.List of Real Estate Lawyers in Lethbridge and Area
  2. Set up your utilities. Call the company that you want, and get your utilities started for the day of your possession. (You may need to cancel them where you are currently living too). Check out this link for setting up your utilities in Lethbridge.
    Setting up your Utilities in Lethbridge 
  3. Get your insurance. You will need to get insurance or transfer insurance from your current home. It is always a good idea to keep your insurance on your current home for a few days after the new owners take possession, in case there is a delay. If you are moving to a condo, then you will need contents insurance.
  4. Change all your addresses. Even if you change everything, you are still going to forget some stuff. So change it at the post office too. http://www.canadapost.ca/cpo/mc/personal/productsservices/receive/coapermanent.jsf Don’t forget your insurance, your drivers, your school records, credit cards, government papers, doctors offices, etc.
  5. Start packing: If what you are packing is likely to stay in a box for the next few years, you might just want to think about donating it, or giving away.  There are several places where you can donate items that you think you may no longer need including the Salvation Army, they also have a (Furniture Bank).  Value village will also accept many items that you no longer need.
  6. Schedule your walkthrough:  If your REALTOR® hasn’t called you yet, contact him or her to schedule your walkthrough. This is normally done the morning of possession or the night before.
  7. Plan for the move. Possession is normally 12pm in Alberta, but it doesn’t always work that way. Your real estate agent is not allowed to give you the keys until they have word from the seller’s agent that the money has been received. Don’t be waiting in front of the house at 12pm with a truck waiting for the call. That can be very stressful and nerve-racking, as the money doesn’t always arrive before noon, (and most lawyers offices completely close between 12 and 1).


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