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Why use a buyers agent?

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If you are a first time buyer, or shopping for a home, then you will want to talk to one of our Buyer Specialists or a Lethbridge Buyer’s Agent.   What is a buyer’s agent?  A buyer’s agent is a Real Estate Agent, or REALTOR, that works predominantly with buyers.  Our buyer’s agents NathanJoel, Rebecca, and Clint view hundreds of homes a month and have a great idea of what is going on in the Lethbridge and area housing market.  Our buyer’s agents work for buyers, and it is their responsibility to get the buyers the best deal, and the most favorable terms.
We can show you ANY LETHBRIDGE AND AREA MLS LISTING.  If you are just starting to look for a home, you might be tempted just to call the listing agents on the sign.  This could be a little hectic, if you decide to make 5 appointments with 5 different REALTORS.  If you call one of our Lethbridge Buyer’s Agents, they are able to show you all of the homes.  They can arrange appointments so you could easily see 5 homes, within a few hours. They will give you honest advice about all the homes you are seeing.
If you have a certain set of criteria, our buyer’s agents can set up an automatic home search for you…. Say you want a west side house, with at least 3 bedrooms and two bathroooms,  that is less than 10 years old, and under 275,000.  They can set up the criteria for you so that you are automatically sent all of those homes, and so that you receive them before they hit REALTOR.ca.   Also, the viewlethbridge.com team meets throughout the week, and so our buyer’s agents will be aware of the up and coming listings of the viewlethbridge.com team.
Also, using a buyer’s agent is FREE! The cost of using a buyer’s agent is covered by the seller.
Would you like to set up a free consultation with one of our buyer’s agents to discuss your next purchase?
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