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New Lethbridge Home Sales

New Lethbridge Home Sales

Video Series for New Home Buyers in Lethbridge-Part 1)

Why you should never, ever, walk into a show home if you’re actually buying a new home!

More of our New Home Buyer Videos-Parts 2-5! You don’t want to miss these….

There are many different new home builders in Lethbridge. Some of these homes are posted on the MLS® system of the Lethbridge and District Association of REALTORS®. If you are interested in a new home, you can still buy through a real estate agent (whether it is listed or not). Most builders are happy to work with real estate agents, and the price you pay will be the same as if you went directly to a builder (a commission is paid to the real estate agent instead of the in-house sales). With the help of a real estate agent, you will have an additional voice on your side to help you with the contract and keep you informed during the purchase process. The real estate agent works for you, with your best interest a priority, while the in-house sales has to represent their company. Check out our video series to Learn More.

New Home Buyer Videos-Parts 2-5! You don’t want to miss these….

There are many advantages to buying a new Lethbridge home:

  • Brand new, never been lived in before
  • Everything works (or should be working)
  • Most new homes will have a 5 year or a 10 year warranty attached to them
  • You can live in the trendy new area of town

Some disadvantages to buying a new home

  • The basement is not likely to be finished (you may consider this an advantage if you want to do the basement yourself)
  • Landscaping likely not done
  • Fencing likely not done
  • If you are in a new area, you could be living in a construction zone for the next few years (lots of bins, trucks, dust blowing around, and may not be bus service). There is usually less room for negotiation in a list price and a sale price when you are buying from a builder. Even if you are not interested in a new home, you may want to take a look at a few as it is a good way to establish value and see what prices things are selling for.

Areas where there are new homes being built in Lethbridge include:


  • Copperwood (from multifamily condos to high-end)
  • Sunridge (from multifamily condos to high-end)
  • Riverstone approx 300,000 plus
  • Canyon Crest approx 300,000 plus
  • Garry Station
  • West Highlands


  • Sandstone (high-end homes, usually around $1,000,000)
  • Coulee Creek (high-end homes)
  • Sixmile (high-end homes)


  • Blackwolf (multifamily to high-end).  All the builds are AVONLEA
  • Legacy Ridge (multifamily to high-end)
  • Uplands (multifamily to high-end)

If you are thinking of buying a brand new home, you need to talk to Lethbridge Buyer’s Agent Joel Cote.

“With years of experience working for a major builder, I now bring my extensive knowledge of the “new home” buying process to the Real Estate side of the table. Having the background that I do in the new home industry puts me in a very unique position compared to most realtors. As a rep, I needed to know my competition inside and out, how they built, the quality of finishes, the quality of workmanship, their sales tactics, their warranty, etc. This information helps me now because instead of hearing these things through the grapevine, I know them first hand.

Working for a builder as an in-house sales rep and working now as a licensed real estate agent are two different beasts entirely. As an in-house rep I knew who signed my pay check, as a licensed Agent I’m legally bound to have my clients best interest in mind thus eliminating that conflict of interest.

With all of my knowledge that I bring with me, I can still help you navigate the new home buying process, but I can do it objectively. I can make sure you’re getting the right house for you, regardless of the builder. But more importantly, I can help save you money in the process.”

Call Joel at 403-360-3447 or email him at joel@viewlethbridge.com 

Want to buy new, but maybe look at a spec home.  Take a look at our list of Lethbridge Brand New Single Family Homes.


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