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Sellers – Lethbridge Expired Listings, Why didn’t my Lethbridge House Sell

Sellers – Lethbridge Expired Listings, Why didn’t my Lethbridge House Sell

Lethbridge Expired Listings

Why didn’t my Lethbridge home sell?


Why didn’t my Lethbridge Home Sell? – Lethbridge Expired Listings. If you have tried to sell your home in Lethbridge, and it did not sell, there are three main reasons why. MARKETING, CONDITION, PRICE

MARKETING: the greater exposure your home has, the more potential buyers will see it, and that increases the likelihood of an offer.

  1. Internet presence: The majority of home buyers start their search on the Internet. Is your home easy to find? Your home may be on mls.ca, but check out what other websites your agent puts your home on. You can google your own address and see what comes up.
  2. Description: Is the description of your home inviting? Does it compel you to take a look? Does it have any typos?
  3. Photos: How many photos of your home are posted online? Have they been taken professionally? Are they blurry, or dark? Have they been rotated to show at the proper orientation? Homes with plenty of high quality photographs get noticed.
  4. Open house: Has your agent hosted an open house? Some agents will tell you that they do not work, but open houses work in Lethbridge.
  5. Attractive to other real estate agents: When your house is listed in Lethbridge Alberta, your real estate agent will try to sell it herself. However, with about 300 licensed real estate agents in the area, it is likely that another real estate agent will bring an offer. Is it easy for a real estate agent to arrange showings on your home, and are you offering a competitive commission? Are you using an agent that works well with other agents?


  1. Move in Ready: Is your home move-in ready, or does it need work? Lately, when we show homes in Lethbridge, the majority of people do not want to fix things up. They want move-in ready. If they are looking for a fixer-upper, then they want a deal. If there are small things to be fixed, people often overestimate the cost. If you are not able to make necessary repairs, having estimates on hand can stop buyers from overestimating the cost.
  2. Staging: Have you prepared your home so that it looks attractive to a prospective buyer? Little things like carpet cleaning, paint touch ups, and removing clutter can go a long way. Think of it like detailing a car for sale.


Competitive Pricing: Is your house competitively priced compared to other active listings? A buyer doesn’t care what someone paid for a house. You may have had your house assessed 6months ago when you first listed it, but it’s possible that the market has changed since that time. Any house, in any market will sell if it is priced correctly.

Many clients that switch realtors after they have an expired listing are frustrated with a lack of feedback on a home. A real estate agent and a seller need to work together as a team. A real estate agent can provide advice to a seller, and a seller should follow that advice as much as feasible. We believe that it is important to keep in touch, no matter what amount of activity. Market updates should be used if you need to change your strategy. Take into account the feedback that you have received. If you would like to sell your Lethbridge Home and would like a free no-obligation market evaluation, just call Jen at 403-795-8783, or Justin at 403-894-6937 or go to our Lethbridge Online Home Evaluation page.

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