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Dave Brodoway – Lethbridge REALTOR®

Dave Brodoway – Lethbridge REALTOR®

August 1, 2014- Very Excited that Dave Brodoway is joining the viewlethbridge.com team!

“All in” – two words thDave Brodoway REALTOR®at describe the drive, tenacity and work ethic that has driven Dave Brodoway to the entrepreneurial success that he now enjoys today. From humble beginnings and not much more than a dream to start from, Dave has been able to take “ideas” and turn them into thriving realities. For 15 years Dave has enjoyed the process of taking these ideas, putting meat around them and then pounding the pavement with a fearless resolve to turn these ideas into profitable and respectable business units.
These labours of love range from a clothing line start-up, to financial lending services including a growing distribution network of ATM’s in affiliation with the world’s largest provider. Most recently, Dave has spent the last several years growing his brand in the luxury logistics and transportation industry; an effort that has brought Dave considerable local and international attention. With the recent and successful sale of this last enterprise, Dave is ready for a new challenge, this time within the industry of Real Estate.

Dave has brought this same fearless, straight forward approach to Real Estate early on by jumping into the “fix and flip” market. Dave quickly researched, procured and then renovated and sold for profit, several homes – before most others realized that there was money to be made. Now Dave looks to join forces with wife and business partner Jennifer Brodoway. Dave aims to assist Jennifer’s already thriving Real Estate practice by offering his expertise to her. Together, Dave and Jennifer look to serve your Real Estate interests with the same “all in” attitude that has been the key to their success.

Here’s what people are saying about working with Dave.

Call or text Dave or on his cell at 403-331-8484 or email him at dave@viewlethbridge.com
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