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Joel Cote, REALTOR® Lethbridge

Joel Cote, REALTOR® Lethbridge

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Joel Cote- New Home Specialist

Born and raised in southern Alberta, and after a brief 16 year stint elsewhere, Joel returned back to southern Alberta in 2013, and has put down roots here in Lethbridge. But Joel is not your typical southern Alberta guy.

“It’s not that I don’t like trucks” he says, “I just prefer to drive a car or motorcycle, I find them more fun. The story of my life is that I tend to like things that are different then what most people like.”

From the colour of his pants to the house he lives in, to say that Joel’s taste is eclectic would be an understatement. So why real estate? Why not be an artist or DJ?

“My whole life I’ve dealt directly with the public, and I love to make people happy. I used to sell homes for a builder, and I loved being able to work with clients to find their dream home. Moving over as a real estate agent allows me to service my clients 100 percent because I have a much larger inventory to work with, as well as the ability to work to get the absolute best possible price and not worry about profit margins. It took a lot of work to become an agent, but it didn’t take a lot of thought to make the move. It was a no brainer.” So if I’m understanding correctly, having fun is Key, but customer service is priority? “Yes! I think you just found my motto.”

NEW HOMES SALES– If you are thinking of buying a brand new home with a builder, you NEED to talk to Joel.

“With years of experience working for a major builder, I now bring my extensive knowledge of the “new home” buying process to the Real Estate side of the table. Having the background that I do in the new home industry puts me in a very unique position compared to most realtors. As a rep, I needed to know my competition inside and out, how they built, the quality of finishes, the quality of workmanship, their sales tactics, their warranty, etc. This information helps me now because instead of hearing these things through the grapevine, I know them first hand.

Working for a builder as an in-house sales rep and working now as a licensed real estate agent are two different beasts entirely. As an in-house rep I knew who signed my pay check, as a licensed Agent I’m legally bound to have my clients best interest in mind thus eliminating that conflict of interest.

With all of my knowledge that I bring with me, I can still help you navigate the new home buying process, but I can do it objectively. I can make sure you’re getting the right house for you, regardless of the builder. But more importantly, I can help save you money in the process.”

Call Joel at 403-360-3447, or email him at joel@viewlethbridge.com 

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