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Why hire Team ViewLethbridge to sell your home?

Why hire Team ViewLethbridge to sell your home?

Why should we hire you to sell our home? (FREE HOME EVALUATION)


Homes Listed and SOLD by team viewlethbridge.com (just a snapshot of a few).

That’s the question you should ask any potential REALTOR®. We are happy to answer that question for you, in person, at YOUR home, (we won’t make you come to our office unless you want to).  The most effective way to market your home is to get as many people through your house as possible.  Whether that is in person, or online.  Our team has one of the best Internet and social media presence Lethbridge. Whether you are selling to move to another home in southern Alberta, or to a different part of the country, we can help. We will give you advice to get your home in the best shape possible and work with you every step of the way. We specialize in selling Lethbridge real estate, (and we have the results and happy clients to prove it). Give us a shout, we’re happy to tell you how we can make your home sale a smooth journey for you. Take a look at our free Lethbridge Home Evaluation form to get started….
Free Lethbridge Home Evaluation

Our main task is to get as many viewings as possible through your home. We achieve this through excellent photos, inviting and professional descriptions, extensive Internet coverage and more. The majority of buyers start their search on the Internet, and you need a real estate agent(s) with a strong Internet presence.

  • Responsive:  We respond quickly respond to our clients’ inquiries and needs. Our cells are with us all the time so that WE ALWAYS respond in a timely manner.
  • Keep you Informed:  We keep our clients informed about all comments on their home, from potential buyers and other real estate agents.
  • Competitive Market Analysis: We will give you a Competitive Market Analysis of homes in your area to help you determine the best price for selling your home. We will give you the data you need from past sales, expired and current listings.(online home evaluation).
  • In touch: We keep up to date with the changes and trends in the Lethbridge market by personally viewing the latest listings in Lethbridge. If there is a change in the market, we will let you know about it.
  • Full time:  We are full-time Real Estate agents and our clients are our focus. We believe it is important to remain accessible to our clients. If we don’t answer the phone, we will call you back promptly.
  • Work with other agents: When you list with us, the entire team of agents at ViewLethbridge.com and LethbridgeRealEstate.com work to sell your home. It is important for us to maintain a positive relationship with all of the agents in the Lethbridge Board so that they are pleased to show our listings.
  • Staging: It’s true.  Staging works. Homes we have staged in the past have sold comparably much quicker than non-staged homes. We will give you helpful ideas on how to make your home more appealing, and we will offer you a free consultation with a trained staging consultant.   Also, we can plan what to do to get your Lethbridge house ready to list.
  • Advertising: Your home will be advertised extensively online through our many websites, as well as with classified advertisements. Your home will also have a virtual tour.
  • Internet Advertising: Your home will be advertised on the MLS® system of the Lethbridge and District Association of REALTORS®. MLS.ca, on www.viewlethbridge.com, and on www.lethbridgehousingmarket.com. We know that the majority of people looking for a home use the Internet, and we will make sure your property is visible there. (We also post on Facebook, Kijiji, and Twitter as well).
  • Open House: Where appropriate for your needs, we will host an open house to generate additional interest in your property. This is advertised on our websites, on REALTOR.ca, along with signage to bring buyers into your home.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our goal is the sale of your home and your complete satisfaction. Your best interests are our focus, and we welcome all of your questions. We want you to be completely satisfied so that you can refer us to your friends and family with confidence. Please check out some of our client testimonials to see what previous clients have said.

Choosing the right agent team to sell your Lethbridge Home.

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